The Oilmen Game

The Oilmen Game

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The Oilmen Game

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The Oilman Game captures the true to life excitement, successes and failures of the international oil magnate.

The object of the game is to become the most successful oil company in the world. Players/teams first choose a name for their new oil company, then bid on leases around the world. Once a lease is secured, the drilling begins. Suspense builds as players search for the gushers in hopes of striking it rich.

With each turn, players need to choose when, where, and how deep to drill. Decisions are made regarding whether to play it safe and drill on land, or to pay the higher cost of offshore drilling and go for the big payoff!

The game is played on a unique 3D game board which houses three unseen levels of movable oil patches. The game board is randomized prior to play, ensuring that the game will never be played the same way twice. A world map is included with each game and a selection of optional regional maps will be available separately.

Contents: 3D game board, world map, drilling rigs, derricks, well caps, marking pen, game money, score pads and instructions.

Caution: This game contains small parts and is not suitable for small children.

For 2 or more players/teams – Ages 10 to adult

Strike it Rich for 100% Crude Fun!

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