1. Milwaukee® M18 FUEL™ 16” Chainsaw Kit Review

    ​In this issue I review the Milwaukee® M18 FUEL™ 16” Chainsaw KitModel Number 2727-21HD

    Sku #: 10448

    There are a number of battery-powered chainsaws on the market, but this Milwaukee is a serious alternative to gas powered saws. I was skeptical at first, but after using this saw on various tasks around my property, I was truly impressed. For clearing trails, the ability just to grab it out of the tractor and immediately put it to use — up to full speed in less than a second — is immensely handy.

    Features of this chainsaw include an easy to set blade tentioner with on board wrench, and a no-leak the oil filler when not in use, unlike my gas-powered saw. It is relatively lightweight and has the power to cut through 16”

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  2. Ready to Get Grilling? Here's How to Barbecue Protein to Perfection

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  3. Here’s How to Find the Tools Every Homeowner Should Have in Their Toolbox

    Whether you’re a serious DIYer or not, if you’re a homeowner you should have a basic set of tools at your disposal. Minor repairs are simply part of routine upkeep, and fixing things yourself is less expensive than calling in a professional. Here’s what you’ll need to be handy around the house.

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  4. Seed Starting Guide: Here’s How to Start Your Plants Indoors

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  5. Gardening 101. Here's How to Properly Water Your Garden

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  6. Here’s How to Stay Safe While Having Fun this Winter

    There’s plenty of winter activities available to help you stay fit, but it’s important to stay safe too. Skating, sledding, fat biking and other outdoor pursuits offer hours of enjoyment, and each has its own set of precautions to follow. Here’s some tips on how to keep safe while staying fit and having lots of winter fun.

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