Badlands Bow Boot-Approach FX

Badlands Bow Boot-Approach FX

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Badlands Bow Boot-Approach FX

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Badlands Bow Boot Parent-Approach FX

  • Please Check Your Pack's Buckle Style
  • Parallel Limb Design for Modern Bows
  • Tough, Lightweight
  • Stows Easily When Not in Use
  • Attaches to Bedroll Loop Buckles

***Not compatible with 2019 Style 2200, Superday, Vario, Carbon Ox – Please check your buckle style

***Not compatible with Pursuit, Tennet, Creed, Scout or Monster Packs


Here’s why you need Badlands’ Bow Boot: Picture yourself hiking with your bow, when you trip and fall. You can live with the scraped knee, twisted ankle, and embarrassment. But your hunt’s over when that finely-tuned killing machine you named “SLAYAH” is reduced to a broken mass of cams, limbs, and string. Prevent this nightmare by clipping the Bow Boot to any Badlands pack. Slip your bow in, tighten the straps and go, hands free.

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Brand Badlands
Color Approach FX
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